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A Very Special Muse

Inspiration can be found anywhere. In my case it was in the form of a little precious pug named Bette Davis. She has been my muse, my inspiration, and was the catalyst for my first Romantic Suspense novel, Just My Luck which is currently in the works.

One night while taking this little sweet bundle out for a trip to do her business, we heard a noise coming from the neighbor's yard. Her ears were perked, she took her battle stance and snorted her disagreement with the intrusion. I thought to myself, with a chuckle, "wouldn't it be funny if a naked ass came over the fence?"

This gave me the idea to have a main character, New York City Police Detective Nate Rodgers, meet a Vegan Chef, Alexandra (Alex) Grainger, who happens to be house-sitting and pug-sitting for her sister. The Pug, Cop, and Chef are thrown together to solve the mystery of who and why would someone want to kill Alex?

I look forward to finishing this novel and many others as well as my poetry collection. But I also know my little inspiration (my muse!) will be right there with me every step of the way.

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