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Graduation Caps & Bridal Bouquets

New beginnings come in different ways. Two types are known to happen during the month of June. After years of hard work learning, studying, making friends and trying to find our way, we graduate from school with expectations for a career that will fulfill our lives and finance our future.

After meeting someone new and taking a leap of faith, we ease into a romantic relationship going on dates, having late night talks and sharing dreams for a home and family of our own. Taking a chance that our love will grow like the flowers in our bridal bouquet, is another leap of faith that can bring us great joy.

We see milestones in our lives as a step closer to reaching our goals for the future we have dreamed of since we were very young as we learned and played having added to it day by day. The one thing that graduations and weddings have in common is hope. Hope for friendship, a career, growth, companionship, family and most of all love. Our love warms us when we are cold and helps us nurture who is important to us in ways we could never imagine. We are blessed as we cultivate each bloom of wonder creating memories that will last throughout the remainder of our lives. As we age and mature into the people we had always hoped we would be.

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