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The Colors of Autumn

Summer garden flowers are being replaced by mums and scarecrows as the need to embrace this time of year becomes more prominent. Falling leaves in beautiful vibrant colors are the staple of the season as we begin to wrap ourselves in favorite sweaters and jackets. Autumn has always been a favorite season of mine. It has a visual edge that other seasons are lacking. There is the smell of campfires and backyard fire pits as the leaves above change from dark green to yellow, red and brown crunching beneath my feet. There is something special about these remarkable trees that have always made me feel at home and make me feel alive.

When I am writing my novels I try to incorporate the outside world around me as much as I can and I'm eager to bring my world into the mind of my readers. I am also lucky to live in a state like New York, we have it all. Our family can go to the beach all year long as well as hike in the numerous state parks from Upstate to Montauk. Picnics meals of apple cider, hummus with veggies and artisan bread or pitas are packed in the car as my husband and I drive with our three children on various scenic roads taking pictures whenever and wherever we can.

My hope for anyone who reads this blog article is simple. With all my heart I wish you an autumn filled with color and wonder, a chance to embrace the world outside and a chance to breathe in the crisp cool air as you go about your day remembering that winter will soon be here and the glorious autumn colors will be no more.

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