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Spring Is Finally Here

After what has seemed like a strange and interesting winter, spring has arrived. Flowers such as crocus, daffodils and hyacinth are peaking through the once hardened ground. They are stretching into the sun adding their wonderful scent to the cool crisp breeze as we venture outside to revive. It's time to recharge our batteries as we prepare for warmer weather, sporting events with our kids, sneakers instead of boots, a chance to plant seeds that will continue to add color and a vibrance that only nature can provide. I look forward to seeing if the bunnies will return to chew on some of my plants. Will they be taking in the sustenance they need so desperately after hiding from the previous winter chill? How many types of birds will we have this year? Robins, cardinals, blue jays, doves, sparrows, orioles and yes even pigeons visit us on a daily basis. But I find myself wondering if there will be some new additions this year. I look forward to the buzzing bees as they gather nectar from my perennial garden rich with colors such as red, pink, blue, green and yellow. In my front garden I anticipate visits from my little buddy, Fred the lizard, as he suns himself on the rock wall connecting my driveway to the stairs leading to my front porch. I am staring out my back window as I write this post. Looking at the remains of the hardened soil that is gently opening to allow small delicate shoots to emerge from their deep underground beds. I welcome spring, my favorite time of year. The world outside my window comes alive again, as do I.

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