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A Note of Inspiration

Sometimes, I sit and listen to music and allow it to take me away. My imagination takes over with the sound of each note, beat and rhythm. Pictures form inside my mind that become characters, settings and short snippets of stories all connected to the question, what if? My playlist is vast and consists of the songs that have made the hair on my arm or the back of my neck tingle with each precious note. A cymbal crashes like waves on a shore, flutes and other wind instruments help bring a gentle breeze into an all too quiet room, while string instruments add romance as well as intensity to what starts out as dull moments alone only to end with feelings of utter joy.

When I am writing one of my books, I have my playlist shuffling through a various mix of wonderful sounds that include jazz, swing, classical, rock favorites and alternative new blends. All of which speak to me in a way that helps me to bring out the best from within my own soul. As I write this article I am also listening to some of my favorite 60's hits, timeless tunes that remind me of my childhood, an era when my biggest worry was whether or not I would get to watch the Monkees after cleaning my room. I then switch to some other timeless songs that bring forth memories of my first crush, first date, first real kiss and even my first heartbreak. I remember the happy times, the good, bad and sad as well as the moments that have changed my life forever, like meeting my husband, our wedding and giving birth to each of my three children and I find I wouldn't change a thing. Which brings me back to my characters along with the moments imagined that have given them life and substance, which have become part of their own playlists forever imprinted on my brain. I look forward to seeing what happens to these new found friends I have created and I also look forward to conjuring up more of them as well.

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