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Boys To Gentlemen

Recently I sat and had a serious conversation with both of my sons about their future plans. My son Denis (the baby in our house) will be starting college in the fall and I found myself reflecting on how much he has grown since I first held him in my arms. My other son Liam (my middle child and twenty-one years old) is graduating college in a few weeks and is also preparing for the next step in life.

Where did the time go? How did both of these boys become men when in my heart they are still my babies? These two loves in my life have grown into gentlemen that hold the door open for me when we go out. They bring me my favorite coffee from our neighborhood coffee shop, take out the trash, do their own laundry and yes! They even vacuum and clean the bathroom when asked after doing the dishes. I am so proud of these guys. I couldn't ask for better sons. But I also know that my husband and I both had a hand in how our boys have turned out. We taught them values, morals and set an example for them to follow. However, it was up to them to follow through with what they have learned and to live right daily.

As I sit and write this blog post I am looking at a picture taken of my children when they were very young. They were unsure of the career paths they would choose, they were navigating their way through school, scouts, and sports teams. But today I look at them and they are men who smile when I walk into a room showing me they appreciate and love me for all I have given to them and allowed them to do. They appreciate that I let them fly and fall so they can grow knowing I will always be there on the sidelines cheering the loudest and I am prepared to help them succeed any way I possibly can.

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