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Beach Moments

August is about enjoying the sand and surf especially here on Long Island. Packing picnic lunches and dinners, enjoying gentle breezes, swimming in the ocean as waves crash upon my sun kissed skin.

I love this time of year and have found I'm a bit spoiled living so close to the shore. I love the way my toes feel in the sand as I make my way towards the perfect spot. I can watch children play as they build sandcastles making numerous trips with buckets for water and sand. Shovels being furiously put into service so everything turns out just right. I love Italian ices that drip down my arm as I hold my little paper cup slowly bringing it to my parched lips. I enjoy a good book my eyes shaded by sunglasses and a favorite wide-brimmed hat as my eyes search the pages for plots and characters that make me feel like I'm part of the story.

I enjoy the tranquility of being by myself as I reboot my circuits and recharge my inner batteries so I may create what little gems come from my typing fingers. These beach moments give me something money can't buy and I am so thankful I can share in nature's awesomeness. The gentle and furious waves that take turns gliding meeting the sand nearby. As I get hot from sitting in the sun I look forward to the moment I walk into the surf and dip my body in, the water glistening on my now cooled skin. I look up and realize it's getting late and now I must leave heading home to make dinner and find out about everyone else's day.

But I will be back tomorrow and the next day and the one after that. I'm so lucky to have the summer to myself.

#summertime #August #beach #surf #sand #sandcastles

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