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Finding Me

There are times when I feel overwhelmed, unorganized, my thoughts are scattered and I have problems focusing on just one project. I'm unbalanced and fatigued at all the things life has thrown my way. That is when I need to re-connect with my passion.

Writing has always been the go-to item that has pulled me out from the slump I can sometimes find myself in. So that is why I am re-connecting with my blog page and posting this article. I realize now how much I missed it and myself. I allowed myself to become way too comfortable with the cable remote, my son's X-Box (to stream some movies) and the DVD player. It was an escape, but it was also a way to allow time to pass without actually giving of myself in any way. I wasn't feeling well and had found I was dealing with an unexpected health issue. It seemed more severe than what it actually turned out to be. However, the break was needed to mull over some ideas and to plan as well as re-organize my writer's life. To allow myself to breathe again.

I decided to take charge of what was causing me the fatigue, lack of sleep, aches and pains as well as the migraine issue affecting me and my mood that left me depressed and cranky for days on end. I sought the help of my GP, A Neurologist, Dietician and Orthopedic.

I'm focusing on healthy eating habits again, going to bed when I feel tired instead of staying up late every night. My blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels are being controlled through my diet and some medication. As for the migraine issue it turns out there is no way to figure out the cause. But I'm dealing with that too. I started doing yoga, ballet, and general fun fitness to get me moving and motivated for the upcoming spring and summer season.

After cleaning out some cabinets I found there were so many ideas for books and poems that I had let sit collecting dust instead of utilizing them to further my writing career and help keep me on an even keel. I hope as you read this article you find something that sparks an idea for you as well. Something that helps you realize what you're missing and that you re-connect with the joy needed to make your life happier too. After all, we only live once.

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