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What is Romance?

Romance could be described "as an affair of the heart. The joining together of two hearts or people that find a common bond and desperate need to be together or as one."

It is all of the above and so much more than that. There are moments between two people that bring them together. Moments considered as "romantic" , taking place over a period of time. The courting stage, known as dating in our modern times.

This courting or dating stage can take place during various moments and activities. Most are associated with dressing up and going to restaurants that specialize in wine, candlelight and decadent food. Hand holding in a darkened movie theatre, sharing buttery kisses and snuggles wondering if anyone noticed. Walks in the rain, picnics, strolls on the beach at sunrise or even sunset. We cuddle in bed during winter's snowiest days and nights as well as during thunderous down pours. We share our secrets, confiding our hopes and dreams for the future and always include each other.

But there are moments that some may not consider as romantic, yet are exactly what true romance is. Your loved one taking care of you when you are sick, picking up dinner when you're stressed for time, letting you take a hot bath to sooth aching joints while he/she takes care of the children. Little moments that are thoughtful and considerate. Moments that are special between both of you and make your day or night that much better. I know for me when my husband does the shopping and then the dishes so I can write, it makes me feel loved beyond measure. He gets me. He knows what will make me smile just a little bit more. I'm trying to do something I love and he is participating in it in a way that is far from intrusive. So ask yourself this, when was the last time you gave your significant other a card, flowers or a special outing for no reason other than you love them? That is true romance too.

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