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Resolutions For A New Year

Toasts of champagne at midnight. Wishes for a "Happy New Year!" These words are accompanied with excitement and enthusiasm by millions of people all around the world. The euphoria is followed by kisses and hugs, confetti and clinking glasses. Eyes sparkle and tears of joy and reflection are shed within the first few seconds of a new calendar's beginning.

But reality does set in as we clean our confetti ridden floors and streets. Throw out our empty bottles and wash the used glasses and remnants of party appetizers, entrees and desserts. We ask ourselves the same question year after year. What can I do to make my life better? Can I fix my mistakes? Improve my health? Should I join the gym or take to the trails? These questions have us making resolutions and promises that we start off making with hope, and forget before the new year ends.

As a fifty year old writer I have asked myself so many times what can I do to stay healthy, keep writing and get published? What can I do to balance the writer's life I'm creating, with the home-life I have been enjoying for so many years with my family and friends? What's my new year's resolution going to be this time? After deliberating over the topic, I may have found a solution. Maybe I shouldn't make promises to myself. Maybe I should just wing it, play it by ear, see what karma has in store for me.

I do want to find balance between my personal life and writing life and of course a healthy eating plan should always be top on any list. But I'm not dieting to shed pounds, I'm eating healthy to feel good. To recapture my joy and glow. I'm going to do things that make me feel productive and creative. I will learn new things that make me feel inspired as I find ways to inspire others. So my resolution is to become the best me I can be, help others when and if I can as I work on my mind, body and soul as well as my writing career.

How's that for a promise?

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